love, dale

by dale

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Rey Rodriguez
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Rey Rodriguez No-bullshit lyricism and a great stage presence makes Dale worth a listen or 100. 10/11 would recommend. Favorite track: Tame.
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released January 18, 2014



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dale Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Tame
pillow whispers in my room
can’t match the sounds you made
it could be the afternoon
but it’s not and you’re not
screaming in my ear
turning me on
like you used to do

tame, tame
what happened to the girl I once knew she’s
tame, tame
what happened to the girl who used to be
crazy and brutal
honest and truthful
cruel and unusual
now she’s unusually

If I tried to touch a nerve
could I bring you back?
Angry is the best, I’ve heard
I can see you and me
fighting in the dark
ripping off clothes
like we used to do

if this is what you call growing up
then I hope you grow out of it soon
‘cause the girl who I love
was never so
was never so
Track Name: Goodnight Victoria
Goodnight Victoria
Let your secrets rest
I’m so tired of hysteria
And this time I’ll confess
I was scared when you told me you loved me
I was scared when I first held your hand
You made me believe that I deserve less than I do
I don’t deserve you

Goodnight Victoria
I doubt that you’ll ever guess
That this is your lullaby
So dream of a love far away from this mess
I don’t care that you think you can change me
I don’t care if I don’t understand
You made me believe that love doesn’t need to be true
I don’t deserve you

You hid love away and destroyed all the proof
You made me believe that love is abuse
I don’t deserve you

Goodnight Victoria
I wish you the best
I wish I could say more than I love you
I wish you had said less
Track Name: Hold Your Hand
She talks in plans and schemes sometimes as if God might hear her
and decide to bring her dreams to life
She acts so nervous and yet so kind and I want to be near her
I can’t seem to get her out of my mind
Suddenly she smiles at me her heart beats as I say

If I could hold your hand
for just another minute (just another minute baby)
then I’d hold your heart for a year
If I had a plan
I promise you’d be in it (promise you’d be in it baby)
but half my life I don’t understand
I just want to lie here and hold your hand

She talks in memories sometimes as if I might forget her
I keep telling her that she’s all mine
She’s saying something don’t seem right but she's never been better
Because she’s never felt so alive
Silently and magically our eyes meet as I say

She asks me this is real
I just hope she feels
Something that is good again
Cause she's been hurt so long
But I'll keep saying just one thing
cause honestly I swear
Track Name: Poisoned Cake
Poisoned cake, just a taste and you'll be dying
'cause the sin of not trying her turns your stomach into icing
Poisoned cake, I am wishing that I was washing
off the frosting from my fingers 'cause vanilla always lingers

Moving on
Isn't moving better
Isn't moving happy
'cause happy is with you
Since you've gone
All these words are empty
which means they must be broken
I guess there must be plenty
of reasons
I must be moving on

Poisoned cake (when I look in your eyes) in her batter I see anger
but it's stranger than just that
'cause just like me there's a hunger
Poisoned cake (neither in songs nor life), I could never catch her flavor
It was labor I regret
though I hate it I still crave her

Poisoned, poisoned cake, I am longing to move backwards
poisoned, poisoned, poisoned, poisoned

Poisoned cake, she will never meet her maker
'cause the baker came and went
but he's not saving her for later

Former love, I am noticing nostalgia
but of all the things it's for, please not me
Track Name: Fuck Up
I fucked up
I'm such a fucking fuck up
If I wasn't such a fucking fuck up maybe you'd fuck me
but you would rather fuck the fucker
who'd rather fuck another
but I don't give a fuck
cause I'm that fucked up

I met my first love on the information superhighway
we masturbated to the same hard porn
if fucked me up until i popped the pills my mommy gave me
then i felt much better than I ever did before
that bitch walked out with a better looking happy ending
my happy endings have never been the same
I admired her rhythmically without her knowing
I wrote her songs but I never said her name

I fell out at the very end of public high school
I went public with a girl better than me
we fell in love and we bonded over secret demons
until she found my demon and set him free
I guess she kinda liked the horniness of high school lovers
the way my hands went sliding past her knees
I exercised free-will and human nature
until my demon turned around and exorcised me